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Prepaid Service –

  • Payment is collected in advance as a subscription amount from the associates.


  • Once we receive the subscription amount in our account, associate’s leadbazar id is activated and access is provided with real time requirement page.
  • Prepaid service is designed to have controlled spending by limiting debt.
  • Service is offered for specific period (Validity), on completion of the validity days or Virtual credit balance service is paused and associate is informed to renew the subscription.
  • Dedicated customer service team to resolve query, related to leadbazar operations.
  • For further information on prepaid service write us at info@leadbazar.com

Post Paid Service

  • Post paid service is offered to premium Users based on association tenure, consumption capacity etc.


  • Majorly post paid service is offered to existing customers only; in few cases we review the business model and consumption capacity to offer Post Paid service.
  • Monthly invoice is generated as per the lead consumed, and same is billed with supporting information.
  • Billing cycle and due date is updated at the time of service activation.
  • For further information on Post Paid service write us at info@leadbazar.com

Barter leads (Exchange) Service  –

  • Dedicated login id is provided to Barter users.


  • We review the leads that is upload under barter service and based on Segment, Requirement, Location, ticket size , urgency rate is quoted against each lead.
  • Once selling price is approved by associate, virtual credit is allotted to proceed with purchase.
  • For more information on barter service write us at info@leadbazar.com

Direct business call service –

  • Direct business call service is incoming calls service offered to our busy associates for each segment.
  • Our expert team verifies the requirement, and once we get the urgency of the requirement we seek permision from the prospect to connect him/her with our associated service provider.
  • Direct business call service helps our associates to provide instant service to the prospect caller.
  • For more information on Direct business call service write us at info@leadbazar.com