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Lead Pool

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We are happy to introduce new feature -  Lead Pool.

  • Choose your best  prospect match  on www.leadbazar.com  web site based on your daily requirement.
  • You can control your money on leads you purchase.
  • Now you can purchase till the last rupee in your account.
  • Flexibility to explore any other verticals available on lead pool and can purchase without any hassle.
How lead pool works ?
  • On Successful registration with www.leadbazar.com  you will be allotted with dedicated user id and password.
  • Post login you will see the option  “search bazar leads”  this option  will take you to the lead pool page.
  • Choose your category such as Banking, Real estate,  Automobile, Education etc.
  • Run various filters such as Location filter, budget filter, lead price filter etc.
  • For existing leadbazar user write us on info@leadbazar.com to know the best deal.

Best feature available in Prospect Filters :-

  • Target Audience  Leads
  • Enquiry Leads
  • Confirm Leads
  • Used Leads
  • Appointment Leads 

Check all the relevant information before buying the leads, on satisfaction / best match you proceed to purchase.